8 Best Apps for Boat Owners

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Sailing is no doubt one of the most exciting experiences on earth. Whether you are controlling a racing boat or just lounging on a yacht you are sure to have a great time. Technology has been kind enough to gift the world of sailing with many different apps designed to make your life a whole lot easier and your experience a whole lot more fun. Some work like compasses, others as maps and so much more that will help veteran seamen and newbie sailors. Below are the top eight apps for boat owners and sailing enthusiasts. The list is in no particular order as each app is amazing in its own way and most have different things to offer.

1. Charts and Tides

Charts and Tides is a great navigation app for Apple smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. This is an all rounded app that allows the user to enjoy features and benefits such as free and quick vector chart downloads, accurate direction and calculation of speed and distances covered or to be covered. It provides single screen view meaning that you do not have to strain scrolling up and down to see the charts better. However, the size of the device’s display plays an important role in the ease of use when reading maps and charts. It comes with an interactive guide book to help with easier use of the app as well as fixing common problems experienced while sailing.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $24.99
  • Download

2. Pocket Nav

Pocket Nav is an amazing app used mainly on iPhones, iPads and Apple laptops or computers. It is an app used for viewing charts that are useful in navigation while sailing. It comes in very handy as a backup plan in case the boat’s electronics fail or when a sailor wants to monitor the charts without having to be in the control room.
The app is very easy to use and allows one to zoom in and out on charts and maps for easier viewing. Pocket Nav also allows you as the user to make markings and map out routes on the charts using stylus pens or simply a finger. It uses the Apple product’s GPS to locate the boat and show the appropriate charts.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $12.18
  • Download

3. Navionics Marine and Lakes

As the name vaguely suggests, this is an app designed to help boat owners and sailors navigate while out at sea or on other large water bodies. Its primary function is providing the user with accurate and up to date sailing charts allowing you to know exactly what is going on around you in the water.
Navionics App also helps in calculations such as distance, speed, arrival time estimates as well as differences between various routes. It is an easy to use app with a user-friendly and clear interface.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $38.99
  • Download

4. Marine Rules and Signals

If you are new to the ways of sailing, it is important to be up to date with all the rules and signals used and recognized in your area and internationally. This will help you to stay out of trouble with authorities and could save your life when you need to signal for help. The Marine Rules and Signals App is designed specifically for this purpose and is a cheaper and more portable alternative to heavy and expensive guide books.
Its features include tutorials on international flags, how to make radio calls, sending and interpreting coded messages as well as using sailors’ aids such as lighthouses and buoys.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $5.99
  • Download

5. Weather Pro

Every good sailor knows that weather is a key factor in the success and safety of any sailing trip whether for recreation or economic purposes. The weather pro app is designed specifically to allow sailors to keep an eye out for weather patterns and changes. This important as it helps them know where to avoid in case of incoming storms and where to head to for ideal sailing conditions. The app is compatible with android, windows and Apple Mac Operating systems and can be used on any devices that uses them. It is easy to use and utilizes the device’s GPS system to locate and reflect the required weather reports.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $2.99
  • Download

6. Memory Map

Memory Map is one of the most popular Apps among boat owners and prolific sailors. It is designed to help the sailor navigate by providing NOAA charts as well as GPS reception. For those not familiar with sailing language, NOAA charts are graphic representations of different situations in the sea for example location of the boat or Yatch in relation to landmarks, buoys and other boats.
The use of NOAA data ensures that you are getting the most accurate and up to date information from which virtually eliminates chances of getting lost at sea. It also offers maps of the boat or yacht’s immediate environment if there are any in the databases.
The Memory Map App is more or less the Android version of Pocket Nav. It can also be used on Windows operating system personal computers and laptops.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $19.98
  • Download

7. Reeds Digital Almanac

The Reed Digital Almanac App is an all in one type of application that more or less brings together all the other apps on this list. This allows the sailor easy and quick access to all the benefits. It is also a less bulky alternative to traditional almanacs.
Among the features offered to the user include vector chart download and viewing, GPS location, route planning, speed calculation as well as weather monitoring.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $43.99
  • Download

8. iRegatta Pro

If your main purpose for sailing is for boat races, then this is definitely the app for you. The iRegatta Pro is an app that helps racers monitor different factors that will help them improve their chance of winning races. These include things like speed, wind direction, sailing angle and distances. It is best used on smartphones due to the fast paced nature of the sport which makes it necessary to have as small a navigation aid as possible. It is also best used with waterproof phones to protect from water damage.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $21.98
  • Download

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It goes without saying that these apps make sailing more fun and allows first timers to learn faster. They are all very easy to acquire, install and use so no worries to the old sailor who does not consider himself tech-savvy. Bottom line, the apps are worth a try especially if you are not so well versed with traditional and analog sailing aids.

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