Hiring Your Yacht Out to Make Money – Whats Involved?

Renting Out Yacht for Money

There is no denying that buying a yacht is an expensive purchase, even then, this initial capital investment alone is not giving you the real picture.

From the day you get possession of your boat, you are going to be spending a lot of money on the licenses, maintenance, docking expenses and crew.

Many experts say that you should factor in a minimum 10% of the cost of your yacht’s purchase price as maintenance expenses annually. This can run up to 15% – 18% if you purchased a pre-owned yacht.

Spending money on variable costs such as gas and engine maintenance makes sense, but if you are only going to use your yacht for say, 40 days in a year, you are probably draining hundreds of thousands into a hole in the water. Continue reading

New Tech Products for Boat Owners in 2016

new sailing technology

Be it your way of relaxation or career, boating and sailing is one of the most talked about things in the world. So, every time you manage to find a way to improve your boating experience, you do not hesitate doing so. You might be very interesting with what you can read in this article.

If you are fond of sailing you might be looking for sailing products and equipment that can be very useful to your voyage. Since your success in the waters is lesser than on land, you should think of securing the most practical equipment and tools.


Easy to install LED light device which generates power from solar energy. Perfect for providing light inside your cabin or deck. It has suction cups that allows it to be placed anywhere with a smooth surface. Its LED emits bright lights in dark areas. It has an automatic sensor that shuts it off during the day. Sold for around $24.99 each.


Marine grade product with bearing equilibrium and sturdy plastic composition that has extreme sensitivity capable of providing accurate wind direction to help you in your sail. The item is a bright red-coloured and V-shaped allowing it to be very visible from your deck. This practical tool is sold for about $27.99.

Motor and Fishing Boats

Whether it is a hobby or a job, you might be thinking of having accessories for your boat that can be very useful or helps you to be efficient in your craft. I have listed some very useful products you might want to look at.

Honda Bf 2.3

An outboard engine designed to produce high power and cost-effective fuel consumption. This is perfect for small fishing boats or a support engine for a larger vessel. This is world class technology that some claim to be years ahead of its time. The engine is silent and easy to use because of its ergonomic design. Offered in a very special price of only $999.00!

Kenwood Remote Controlled BT 4-Channel Digital Amplifier

This item will rock your boat. Allowing your music to be played out loud in the ocean. The amplifier’s aptX technology enables playing your music via Bluetooth with outstanding sound quality. The wireless technology allows premium audio cascade with updated audio formats. The IPX-5 design allows great water resistance making this amplifier your best companion on your sail. You can have one for as little as $299.99.

Navigloo All-in-one Cover

Protecting your boat investment is a lot of work. So you might want to use only the best to keep it away from harm. This cover has a tested durability to claim an all-in-one weather resistance. The high-class technology used to develop this cover gives it the capability to stand up against the toughest weather conditions. It has a reinforced grommets made of durable brass making it resilient against tear, wear, and punctures. This cover will help you save a lot for only $359.00!

Garmin Panoptix PS30 Transducer

Provides precise 3D representation of fish in your entire radar scope. This innovative product is the best upgrade ever made among all transducer products. The revolutionary technology allows different viewing angles and provides live sonar illustrations giving you a real-time viewing experience of fish underneath your boat. Perfect for fishing enthusiasts. You can buy this one for about $1,400.00 ONLY!

sailing tech for 2016


Software Products

It is also our duty to be responsible with our own lives. So, we need to equip ourselves with useful software tools that can help us to stay away from danger. There are many developed software applications out on the market but few of them work. We should be cautious in choosing one. These are the must-have software products for boat owners:

SiMONN 2 monitor and alarm system

• This is a mobile application built for iPad and iPhone compatibility.
• It provides an alarm and monitoring system in an easy to understand graphical interface.
• The boat’s vital statistics are monitored remotely including detailed information about the engine, fuel levels, electrical condition and generators.

Navionics Boating App mapping tool

• This is by far the most popular application in the market.
• It is compatible with NMEA transmission standards.
• It permits the user to create an above-the-water topographic map based on real-time Navionics Sonar Charts.

Storm Weather App

• This application has the highest resolution of 250 MP radar and displays almost real-time data of current weather conditions.
• It monitors storms with the utilization of modern weather equipment.
• It alerts the user with its in-app notifications on emergency conditions within the scope of the radar.
• It provides specific weather data through its 100,000 stations worldwide.

8 Best Apps for Boat Owners

apps for sailing

Sailing is no doubt one of the most exciting experiences on earth. Whether you are controlling a racing boat or just lounging on a yacht you are sure to have a great time. Technology has been kind enough to gift the world of sailing with many different apps designed to make your life a whole lot easier and your experience a whole lot more fun. Some work like compasses, others as maps and so much more that will help veteran seamen and newbie sailors. Below are the top eight apps for boat owners and sailing enthusiasts. The list is in no particular order as each app is amazing in its own way and most have different things to offer.

1. Charts and Tides

Charts and Tides is a great navigation app for Apple smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. This is an all rounded app that allows the user to enjoy features and benefits such as free and quick vector chart downloads, accurate direction and calculation of speed and distances covered or to be covered. It provides single screen view meaning that you do not have to strain scrolling up and down to see the charts better. However, the size of the device’s display plays an important role in the ease of use when reading maps and charts. It comes with an interactive guide book to help with easier use of the app as well as fixing common problems experienced while sailing.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $24.99
  • Download

2. Pocket Nav

Pocket Nav is an amazing app used mainly on iPhones, iPads and Apple laptops or computers. It is an app used for viewing charts that are useful in navigation while sailing. It comes in very handy as a backup plan in case the boat’s electronics fail or when a sailor wants to monitor the charts without having to be in the control room.
The app is very easy to use and allows one to zoom in and out on charts and maps for easier viewing. Pocket Nav also allows you as the user to make markings and map out routes on the charts using stylus pens or simply a finger. It uses the Apple product’s GPS to locate the boat and show the appropriate charts.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $12.18
  • Download

3. Navionics Marine and Lakes

As the name vaguely suggests, this is an app designed to help boat owners and sailors navigate while out at sea or on other large water bodies. Its primary function is providing the user with accurate and up to date sailing charts allowing you to know exactly what is going on around you in the water.
Navionics App also helps in calculations such as distance, speed, arrival time estimates as well as differences between various routes. It is an easy to use app with a user-friendly and clear interface.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $38.99
  • Download

4. Marine Rules and Signals

If you are new to the ways of sailing, it is important to be up to date with all the rules and signals used and recognized in your area and internationally. This will help you to stay out of trouble with authorities and could save your life when you need to signal for help. The Marine Rules and Signals App is designed specifically for this purpose and is a cheaper and more portable alternative to heavy and expensive guide books.
Its features include tutorials on international flags, how to make radio calls, sending and interpreting coded messages as well as using sailors’ aids such as lighthouses and buoys.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $5.99
  • Download

5. Weather Pro

Every good sailor knows that weather is a key factor in the success and safety of any sailing trip whether for recreation or economic purposes. The weather pro app is designed specifically to allow sailors to keep an eye out for weather patterns and changes. This important as it helps them know where to avoid in case of incoming storms and where to head to for ideal sailing conditions. The app is compatible with android, windows and Apple Mac Operating systems and can be used on any devices that uses them. It is easy to use and utilizes the device’s GPS system to locate and reflect the required weather reports.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $2.99
  • Download

6. Memory Map

Memory Map is one of the most popular Apps among boat owners and prolific sailors. It is designed to help the sailor navigate by providing NOAA charts as well as GPS reception. For those not familiar with sailing language, NOAA charts are graphic representations of different situations in the sea for example location of the boat or Yatch in relation to landmarks, buoys and other boats.
The use of NOAA data ensures that you are getting the most accurate and up to date information from which virtually eliminates chances of getting lost at sea. It also offers maps of the boat or yacht’s immediate environment if there are any in the databases.
The Memory Map App is more or less the Android version of Pocket Nav. It can also be used on Windows operating system personal computers and laptops.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $19.98
  • Download

7. Reeds Digital Almanac

The Reed Digital Almanac App is an all in one type of application that more or less brings together all the other apps on this list. This allows the sailor easy and quick access to all the benefits. It is also a less bulky alternative to traditional almanacs.
Among the features offered to the user include vector chart download and viewing, GPS location, route planning, speed calculation as well as weather monitoring.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $43.99
  • Download

8. iRegatta Pro

If your main purpose for sailing is for boat races, then this is definitely the app for you. The iRegatta Pro is an app that helps racers monitor different factors that will help them improve their chance of winning races. These include things like speed, wind direction, sailing angle and distances. It is best used on smartphones due to the fast paced nature of the sport which makes it necessary to have as small a navigation aid as possible. It is also best used with waterproof phones to protect from water damage.

  • Price: Trial version- Free
  • Full version- $21.98
  • Download

apps for boating


It goes without saying that these apps make sailing more fun and allows first timers to learn faster. They are all very easy to acquire, install and use so no worries to the old sailor who does not consider himself tech-savvy. Bottom line, the apps are worth a try especially if you are not so well versed with traditional and analog sailing aids.

Best UK online stores for buying sailing gear

buying sailing gear

Online Sailing Stores for Equipment and Gear

Sailing in the UK is a sport loved by many. To enjoy your time on the water means you need to be able to have easy access to the supplies and gear that make it possible.

This guide will provide reviews for some of the best UK online sailing stores that can provide you with what you need to keep you sailing from gift vouchers to clothing to chandlery.


The Marinescene

Based in Porthcawl, South Wales with an on-line sailing store that knows what is necessary to keep your boats sailing safe and in top shape. Almost any equipment and gear that is necessary is kept in stock and can be delivered anywhere in the UK and Europe.


The selection of online products is quite large and includes the following:

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Anchors and Chains
  • Anodes
  • Binoculars & Telescopes
  • Boat Covers and Maintenance Supplies
  • Buoys
  • Chartwork
  • Clothing
  • Boat & Trailer Spares

Many more items are available to meet your needs and can be viewed by visiting http://www.marinescene.co.uk/.

Marinescene understands how important it is to offer customers the ability to purchase high-quality equipment and supplies that is affordable. That’s why they promise to match prices offered by any of their competing marine shops.

If criteria are met and the delivery is to the UK Mainland, shipping is available at no charge to the customer.


Marine Mega store

An online sailing store that strives to offer customers 100% of their chandlery or marine needs. The founders of Marine Mega store are passionate sailors and boat owners so they understand how important quality service and products are. Included in their website, www.marinemegastore.com, they have included an option to view product advice and comparison features for products offered on their website. A brief look at their online inventory includes some of the following products:

  • Marine Insurance
  • Boat Care & Maintenance
  • Boat Building & Professional
  • Sailing Clothing
  • Deck Hardware
  • Electrical
  • Dinghy Sailing
  • Online Sailing Stores for Clothing


Sailing Clothing Store

Based in Cowes, stocks a full range of sailing clothing from top brands. Since 2002 they have been a trusted name in sailing gear. Not sure what you need, they can help by offering friendly advice and product sourcing. Popular brands you can expect to see available for an affordable online purchase include the following:

  • Gill
  • Helly Hansen
  • Dubarry
  • Crewsaver
  • Seago
  • Musto
  • Optimum Time
  • Henri LLoyd
  • Laxzy Jacks

buy sailing stuff online

Different specials are offered every week to offer customers some of the highest quality clothing at affordable prices.

Within the site it is easy to find clothing for all seasons; including mid layers, thermals, salopettes, sailing gloves, sailing caps, windproof fleece and headware.

Available accessories include weatherproof phone cases and socks, sailing watches and more. The proper footwear is necessary to complete the sailing outfit. They offer all types of footwear for both ladies and men which includes boat shoes, deck shoes, waterproof sailing boots and more.



Gill Marine offers specialized clothing designed for all sailing activities by the owner himself. Gill first realized the need for appropriate sailing gear as he was a passionate dinghy sailor who had great difficulty finding the appropriate clothing to keep himself warm and dry. The website www.gillmarine.com offers a great deal of information from the brainstorming of the business to where they are today.

Basically, any type of clothing necessary for sailing can be found on this website. As the clothing designer, Gill takes up to 18 months to develop a new product. Actual sailors are involved in the planning and designing process to ensure that only products that deemed logical for a sailors use are designed. An extensive testing process is done on every fabric to guarantee the product will withstand the elements including the normal wear and tear that sailors are subjected to while sailing.

All products come with the “Gill Guarantee” meaning all products are covered against any defects in workmanship and material and will be repaired or replaced for no cost to the customer. Browse the following categories offered by this online sailing store:

  • Mens
  • Ladies
  • Juniors
  • Accessories



This is another website that offers extensive information about the mission and heritage of the company. Henri-Lloyd is the original British sailing brand. The company was founded w founded in Manchester, England 1963.

Since that time the company has continued to grow and master the style and innovation of sailing clothing for over five decades, establishing a global reputation for a trusted designer and producer of quality, premium sailing clothing. Sailing clothing you can expect to see by visiting this online sailing store at www.henrilloyd.com include the following:

  • Ocean Offshore
  • Coastal Inshore
  • Sports Keelboat
  • Dinghy
  • Jackets & Smocks
  • Base Layer
  • Footwear
  • Accessories



This is an online sailing store that offers clothing and small equipment. This company is dedicated to over 70 sports, including sailing. A promoter of sports, Decathlon has a continual drive to control the costs in their organization, without sacrificing high standards, to continue to lower the prices of their products. To promote participation in a sport, the company also offers workshops, personalization services, a la carte financing and gift cards. Sailing clothing and equipment you can expect to see at www.decathlon.co.uk includes the following:

  • Sailing Jackets
  • Sailing Salopettes
  • Sailing Fleeces
  • Sailing Boots and Shoes
  • Sailing Headwear and Gloves
  • Sailing Trousers and Shorts
  • Sailing Tops
  • Dinghy Equipment
  • Life Jackets
  • Waterproof Containers and Bags
  • Rigging Equipment and Boat Rope
  • Equipment for Sailing Safety


As the sport of sailing in the UK is so prevalent, so are the varieties of stores, both online and traditional, that are available to meets any needs of the UK sailor. Whether its gear, gift cards, sailing licenses, clothing, waterproof accessories etc. The list of easily accessible products and equipment goes on and on.

The websites listed above are trusted providers and distributers of the products, clothing and equipment they represent. View the various websites; all owners are knowledgeable about the sport of sailing so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Also, keep on the lookout for special discounts and promotions that are available.

Welcome to Our New UK Sailing Blog

Sailing Buy Blog UK Boats

Over the past years, I have been noticing that sailing has become quite expensive. People who love to sail are doing so very seldom. After asking around, I found out that renting sail boats and equipment is not easy and also expensive. Therefore, I wanted to create a site which pulls together all the best deals from all my favorite sailing stores to make sailing easy, inexpensive and accessible for everyone.

I named the site after the “Sailing By” theme tune played along with the BBC shipping forcast each night, and I am still working on the website design, but as you can see, you can safely buy sailing gear, products, boats, equipments easily with our discounted prices. Furthermore, my aim is to keep on offering regular vouchers and amazing competition prizes, so that anyone can pursue sailing more frequently.

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For me, sailing relaxes the mind and is great for the adventurous and perfect for summers when one wants to get out especially in England where the winter months are very cold. Living in a boat near Brighton can be a challenge, but I’ll be here for a few years to come as I continue to work on my boat and plan regular trips around the UK coast. I spend most of my time working in the marina most days and relaxing in the Master Marina or West Quay pub, so if you are ever in the area, drop me a line.