New Tech Products for Boat Owners in 2016

new sailing technology

Be it your way of relaxation or career, boating and sailing is one of the most talked about things in the world. So, every time you manage to find a way to improve your boating experience, you do not hesitate doing so. You might be very interesting with what you can read in this article.

If you are fond of sailing you might be looking for sailing products and equipment that can be very useful to your voyage. Since your success in the waters is lesser than on land, you should think of securing the most practical equipment and tools.


Easy to install LED light device which generates power from solar energy. Perfect for providing light inside your cabin or deck. It has suction cups that allows it to be placed anywhere with a smooth surface. Its LED emits bright lights in dark areas. It has an automatic sensor that shuts it off during the day. Sold for around $24.99 each.


Marine grade product with bearing equilibrium and sturdy plastic composition that has extreme sensitivity capable of providing accurate wind direction to help you in your sail. The item is a bright red-coloured and V-shaped allowing it to be very visible from your deck. This practical tool is sold for about $27.99.

Motor and Fishing Boats

Whether it is a hobby or a job, you might be thinking of having accessories for your boat that can be very useful or helps you to be efficient in your craft. I have listed some very useful products you might want to look at.

Honda Bf 2.3

An outboard engine designed to produce high power and cost-effective fuel consumption. This is perfect for small fishing boats or a support engine for a larger vessel. This is world class technology that some claim to be years ahead of its time. The engine is silent and easy to use because of its ergonomic design. Offered in a very special price of only $999.00!

Kenwood Remote Controlled BT 4-Channel Digital Amplifier

This item will rock your boat. Allowing your music to be played out loud in the ocean. The amplifier’s aptX technology enables playing your music via Bluetooth with outstanding sound quality. The wireless technology allows premium audio cascade with updated audio formats. The IPX-5 design allows great water resistance making this amplifier your best companion on your sail. You can have one for as little as $299.99.

Navigloo All-in-one Cover

Protecting your boat investment is a lot of work. So you might want to use only the best to keep it away from harm. This cover has a tested durability to claim an all-in-one weather resistance. The high-class technology used to develop this cover gives it the capability to stand up against the toughest weather conditions. It has a reinforced grommets made of durable brass making it resilient against tear, wear, and punctures. This cover will help you save a lot for only $359.00!

Garmin Panoptix PS30 Transducer

Provides precise 3D representation of fish in your entire radar scope. This innovative product is the best upgrade ever made among all transducer products. The revolutionary technology allows different viewing angles and provides live sonar illustrations giving you a real-time viewing experience of fish underneath your boat. Perfect for fishing enthusiasts. You can buy this one for about $1,400.00 ONLY!

sailing tech for 2016


Software Products

It is also our duty to be responsible with our own lives. So, we need to equip ourselves with useful software tools that can help us to stay away from danger. There are many developed software applications out on the market but few of them work. We should be cautious in choosing one. These are the must-have software products for boat owners:

SiMONN 2 monitor and alarm system

• This is a mobile application built for iPad and iPhone compatibility.
• It provides an alarm and monitoring system in an easy to understand graphical interface.
• The boat’s vital statistics are monitored remotely including detailed information about the engine, fuel levels, electrical condition and generators.

Navionics Boating App mapping tool

• This is by far the most popular application in the market.
• It is compatible with NMEA transmission standards.
• It permits the user to create an above-the-water topographic map based on real-time Navionics Sonar Charts.

Storm Weather App

• This application has the highest resolution of 250 MP radar and displays almost real-time data of current weather conditions.
• It monitors storms with the utilization of modern weather equipment.
• It alerts the user with its in-app notifications on emergency conditions within the scope of the radar.
• It provides specific weather data through its 100,000 stations worldwide.

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