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Style: Ringer Mug
Funny, unique, pretty or personal, you’ve found the perfect coffee mug design. Now, enhance your mug with a coloured rim and handle. Zazzle Ringer Mugs are available in 10 distinctive hues: black, lime, maroon, navy blue, orange, powder blue, red, yellow, hunter green and light blue. Use the colour selector on the right-hand side of this page to find the best match for your design. The outside of the mug features a bright, white base for your photo, logo, pattern or quote, while the rim and handle are glazed in rich colour. Create a mug to match or complement the colour of your existing dinnerware, or gift your friend a mug in his or her favourite colour.

If you would like your mug to have a coloured interior instead of a coloured rim and handle, choose Two-Tone Mug in the style selector to the right, or, if you’d prefer a white mug with no coloured glaze, select Classic White Mug.
•Your design will be printed on demand by our team in California, USA.
•Choose from 325-ml or 473-ml capacity using the size selector to the right on this page.
•325-ml mug measures 9.7 cm high x 8.1 cm diameter, 473-ml mug measures 11.4 cm high x 8.6 cm diameter.
•Microwave and dishwasher safe.
•Strong, ceramic construction.
•Black, maroon, hunter green, light blue, lime, navy blue, orange, powder blue, yellow and red glaze colour options.
•Meets or exceeds United States FDA requirements for food and
drink safety.
•Volume discounts start at 25 mugs – click the quantity dropdown menu to learn more.
•Make it the perfect gift by adding a tea infuser! Scroll down to the accessories section to choose from two styles and four colours.

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