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Over the past years, I have been noticing that sailing has become quite expensive. People who love to sail are doing so very seldom. After asking around, I found out that renting sail boats and equipment is not easy and also expensive. Therefore, I wanted to create a site which pulls together all the best deals from all my favorite sailing stores to make sailing easy, inexpensive and accessible for everyone.

I named the site after the “Sailing By” theme tune played along with the BBC shipping forcast each night, and I am still working on the website design, but as you can see, you can safely buy sailing gear, products, boats, equipments easily with our discounted prices. Furthermore, my aim is to keep on offering regular vouchers and amazing competition prizes, so that anyone can pursue sailing more frequently.

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For me, sailing relaxes the mind and is great for the adventurous and perfect for summers when one wants to get out especially in England where the winter months are very cold. Living in a boat near Brighton can be a challenge, but I’ll be here for a few years to come as I continue to work on my boat and plan regular trips around the UK coast. I spend most of my time working in the marina most days and relaxing in the Master Marina or West Quay pub, so if you are ever in the area, drop me a line.

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